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The Boycott Book
About the Authors


I.   Introduction

II.  The buildup to the Nestle Boycott

III. Taking on Goliath: The Nestlé Boycott (1977-1984)

IV.  Two steps forward and one step back: lessons from the Nestlé Boycott (1977-1984)

V.   Reinstating the Nestlé Boycott (1988)

VI.  The Nestlé Boycott continues….

VII. Milking Profits: Aamir Raza’s crisis of conscience

VIII. Afterword

1.  Campaign against Nestle: what you can do
2.  "We must be the change we want"
3.  Conscientious Consuming: Keys to a Successful Organised Boycott
4.  Nestle Boycott Action Kit
5.  Internet Links
6.  Suggested Readings
7.  Poster by IBFAN
8.  Poster by Baby Milk Action
9.  Sample resolution by Baby Milk Action
10.Petition by Baby Milk Action

11.Campaign for Ethical Marketing 1
12.Campaign for Ethical Marketing 2
13.Endorsers List
14.10 Ways to kill a citizens movement